The Modern Art of Scarf Tying

By Margaret A Sims

How long does it take you to buy a scarf? This was the frustration expressed by my impatient husband as he waited for me outside the shop in Ana Capri.

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Scarves interest me and I love finding new, modern ways of wearing them. I share this love with a lot of women of all ages. Then there are the women who tell me that they would wear a scarf if only they knew how to wear it and look good. Many women also shy away from scarves because they think that they are too fussy to wear.

Here are two modern, unfussy and simple ways to wear scarves today.

The Simple V Shape

When young women today wear scarves, they like them simple, casual and chic. This version is the simplest of all. Take an oblong scarf, or one that can be folded into an oblong shape, and fold it in half lengthwise. Put it around your neck and thread the two loose ends through the folded part. Leave it a bit loose not tight round your neck. Drape it to your left or your right side as this looks a little more chic than having it fall down the centre of your body. That is all there is to it.

To get the casual chic look, make the loose ends a little uneven as your fold it in half. This looks less formal. If necessary, use my secret tip and pin the scarf in place with a small safety pin from the inside of your top, dress or jumper. Make sure that the safety pin is hidden in the folds of the scarf.

You can also turn a left-over piece of light-weight material that is longer than it is wider into a casual V-shaped scarf. Use the same folding technique above.

The U Shape

This is not new. It is Gen Y’s favourite way to wear a scarf as it is a very simple technique that looks good. For this you also need an oblong scarf or one that can be folded into an oblong shape. Start with the centre point in front of your neck. Throw the ends over your shoulders and back around to hang down the front of you. Simple!

Here is how to get the best out of this style to create age-smart, casual chic. Make sure it is not tight on your neck. Pull it down a bit at the front so your face shines. If you have it tight around your neck, no-one is fooled because everyone knows that you are trying to hide your neck wrinkles. Confidence brings compliments. Adjust the scarf so the ends are a little unequal. This avoids the formal, totally balanced look of our younger days. A variation on this is to twist one of the ends around the U shape while letting the other side hang free. If you want the scarf to stay in place, use the safety pin technique mentioned above.

Another version of this is a scarf with metal rings in the centre. From these rings hangs a pendant. This scarf style is ideal for draping in the U Shape as the pendant hangs in the centre of your body. It may become a modern classic but, if it only stays around for a few seasons, you can always slide it off the scarf in the future.

If you are wearing a square scarf folded into an oblong shape, pull the front out to make a V shape down your chest. Then make the end finish shorter than the bottom of the V.

There you have it. Scarves are a personal taste and not every woman likes them. They are an alternative to necklaces and the tips above are designed to give another modern dressing skill to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a way to keep developing your unique style.

Margaret Sims is an Image Consultant and Modern Dressing Expert. Margaret educates quiet achieving business women over 40 on modern dressing skills and personal branding so you can shine confidently in a world of noisy experts. If this is you, visit my blog – for more dressing tips. At both the Blog and Margaret’s website – you can sign up to get the free twice-monthly newsletter and receive your free eBook and Audio – ‘Look Fabulous, Feel Confident Every Day’.

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