You Too Can Have Your Own Personal Stylist!

By Michele Gillett

personal fashion designerWouldn’t we all love to have a personal stylist? Someone like Givenchy who took the young and sweet Audrey Hepburn and transformed her into the magnificent iconic beauty we know her as today? Would Audrey have morphed into such a beauty if she hadn’t been styled by Givenchy? Who knows…. what we do know is that Givenchy and personal stylists generally know how to play up our ‘best bits’ and draw attention away from the ‘not so good bits’.

They say even Audrey Hepburn had issues with her legs and knees. Givenchy knew how to dress Audrey in such a way we didn’t even notice. In fact, Audrey Hepburn remains at the top when it comes to icons of style along with women like Princess Diana and Jackie Onassis. While such women may have innate style, would they have achieved their true visual potential if they had not been guided by a personal stylist?

Some fortunate individuals are born with good taste and style; they have a natural sense of colour and design. Many of us are not so lucky or naturally gifted. We learn what we can from those who influence us in our lives, from magazines or simply by trial and error. Which is why in so many cases we end up with a wardrobe full of clothes but “we have nothing to wear”! That’s why a personal stylist is worth the investment.

Before a stylist dresses an individual, they consider the following:-

  • Colouring
  • Fit
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal dressing style
  • Occupation
  • Available budget
  • Available time
  • Shopping know-how
  • Wardrobe organization
  • Co-ordination skills
  • Accessory know-how

Under their tuition they will help you to develop a style that reconciles with what suits your height, shape and age from what’s currently in fashion and to understand which looks are appropriate for which occasions. You will learn to coordinate colours, patterns and which fabrics drape well on your body shape. The gaining of this knowledge will give you the confidence to become creative with your wardrobe. Then dressing will become a pleasure and shopping a dream.

Michele Gillett is a qualified Image Consultant expertly trained by The Australian Image Company, one of the world’s most respected image organisations. Having 20 years experience in the beauty and image business she has mentored and trained men and women from diverse backgrounds, ranging from socially disadvantaged young people through to professionals in executive positions. Need more information on how to dress for success then visit

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