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5 Common Fashion Mistakes

By Sheila Dicks #1 The Fashion Victim One of the many fashion mistakes women make is relying too much on the fashion media to choose what they wear. Keeping in touch with the changing styles is great but following them to the extent that your clothes are outdated by the end of the season can [...]

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You Too Can Have Your Own Personal Stylist!

By Michele Gillett Wouldn’t we all love to have a personal stylist? Someone like Givenchy who took the young and sweet Audrey Hepburn and transformed her into the magnificent iconic beauty we know her as today? Would Audrey have morphed into such a beauty if she hadn’t been styled by Givenchy? Who knows…. what we [...]

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How to Choose the Best Women’s Travel Clothing

By Deanna Keahey If you are planning a trip, whether business or pleasure, choosing the right travel clothes for the trip can save you headaches, money and frustration. Often we pack far more clothes than we need or wear, yet never seem to have the right thing. Here is a guide to help you choose [...]

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