Welcome to Forty Grand!

Styling & Custom-Made Clothing for Women by Women

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Be Comfortable.
Be Well-Dressed.
Be Remarkable.

We style REAL women over 40 in all sizes, shapes and lifestyles. If you're on the "up" side of 40 and find yourself in a fashion rut, you'll discover the secrets to an effortless, comfortable style. Our custom designs are crafted and manufactured in the USA. Embrace getting older. Find a style & fit you love!!

Are you hiding your natural radiance?

Do you go through life hoping no one will notice what you're wearing? Do you avoid shopping as much as possible because there's just nothing out there for someone your age? Do you wish you could get dressed every day and be delighted when you look at yourself in the mirror? Forty Grand to the rescue!! We specialize in women who can't find clothes they want and who have problems getting a good fit. Stop hiding out and find a personal style you love that will suit your body, your age, your budget, your personality & your lifestyle!

Define Your Personal Style After 40

Work with us to identify your ideal style and image and rebuild your wardrobe. Learn how to feel more confident, whether the look you love is casual or formal, professional or social. Find your most flattering colors, learn why some outfits in your closet just don't work and what to do with them, and find the cuts and types of fabric that suit you best. You will ALWAYS have something to wear that will have you looking radiant and feeling good about yourself. Get started today!

Karen Mäx Helps Create a Better Version of You!

As a Los Angeles-based professional fashion designer and personal style consultant for women over 40, Karen Mäx believes that every woman can feel fabulous about her style and clothing every day. She will show you what it takes to create a wardrobe that will consistently make you confident and comfortable, no matter your lifestyle or budget. Whether you want to update your look for a new job, a hot date or just because it’s time for something fresh and new, Karen will work with you to help you find the perfect way to express your unique style. She'll help you "shop your closet" to create many more outfits than you thought possible. Come to us or we'll come to you. Enjoy private fittings featuring a custom selection of clothes designed just for you. Build a wardrobe or find a stunning look for a special event. You will finally have something to wear. There's no reason to give up on looking beautiful. Forty, fifty, sixty, seventy and eighty are NOT four-letter words!